BAL.ON Smart Kit

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From better balance to better stroke

BAL.ON is a kit of pressure soles, smart pods and a smartphone app. It relies on weight distribution sensors and AI to deliver real-time swing analysis and coaching. It processes information invisible to human eyes to give you a competitive edge whenever and wherever you need it.

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BAL.ON Smart Kit 

A revolution in golf training is waiting for you: BAL.ON consists of a pair of Pressure Soles, Smart Pods and a smartphone app. With the help of pressure sensors and AI, the system enables Real-time swing analysis and coaching. BAL.ON captures information imperceptible to the human eye, giving you a competitive edge whenever and wherever you need it.

18 sensors and your smartphone that monitor your every move. The highly sensitive "Force Sensing Resistors" (FSR) cause a change in electrical resistance when pressure is applied to them. This signal is transmitted to the app via the Smart Pods. The BAL.ON app monitors your pressure values and synchronizes them with the video sequences that you have recorded with your smartphone. She recognizes where you have optimization potential and tells you how you can noticeably improve!

Take your training to the next level by reviewing seven key swing metrics of your golf swing. They form the analytical heart of the app. Based on these swing metrics and with the help of AI, BAL.ON shows you the exercise with which you can improve your swing most effectively. Regain control and consistency with BAL.ON. You subject your training to a systematic improvement program. If necessary, you will receive direct feedback after each swing.

The system is affordable, easy to use, fun and always there for you. Would you like to quickly insert a small training session after dinner on Wednesday evening? Put the BAL.ON soles in your shoes, grab a short iron and off you go!


  • 2mm thin insoles in four different sizes allow for maximum comfort
  • 9 pressure-sensitive sensors per sole guarantee unprecedented data quality
  • Thanks to Smart Pods on the shoe, the product can be used wirelessly and anywhere
  • Intelligent algorithms automatically detect the most important swing positions
  • Using a heat map and line diagram, BAL.ON enables a deep examination of every swing – frame by frame
  • 7 unique metrics provide quick feedback and reveal potential
  • Individual training recommendations and drills help you work more effectively and purposefully on your own swing

Package contents:

  • 2x SmartPods
  • 2x pressure soles
  • 2x clips
  • 1x charger + USB-C cable
  • 1x training case

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