Honma Beres E-06 (Regular) 11,5° Driver

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Product Attributes
ModelBeres E-06
Club TypeDriver
ShaftHonma ARMRQ 43 (2 Sterne)
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Head CoverIs included
Product Conditions
Overall ConditionExcellent
Club Head ConditionExcellent
Shaft ConditionExcellent
Grip ConditionExcellent
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Model: Beres E-06


Distance increase effect of sole slots
Spring structure of slots on the center, toe and heel helps deliver the maximum repulsion effect off the clubface at impact, helping golfers with slower clubhead speeds achieve longer carry distance.he center-of-gravity is set to be low and deep without limit of the internal load and SIS weight screws provides top priority to the grip of balls at any rate.

Confidence and low center of gravity with shallow clubhead
Low center of gravity combined with a large projected area on a shallower clubhead design, provides golfers with the added confidence at address to hit the ball higher, leading to better shots and lower scores.

ARMRQ X shaft that satisfies the high trajectories, low spin, and easily catches the ball

Light, strong and easier to hit.
As a result from the joing developement with Nissei we created a shaft 1g lighter than the previous model with the same frequency, with "10 axis PP" for increased strength, promotion improved ball launch angles and an easy to control shaft.