Cobra Max (Regular, Stahl) Eisen 7

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Product Attributes
Club TypeIron
Lie AngleStandard
ShaftCobra Max
Shaft MaterialSteel
Product Conditions
Overall ConditionExcellent
Club Head ConditionExcellent
Shaft ConditionExcellent
Grip ConditionExcellent
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Model: MAX

The COBRA MAX irons are designed for the higher handicap golfer. An easy to hit set equipped with TecFlo. TecFlo utilizes half hollow technology in the longer irons increasing forgiveness, cavity back designs in the 8, 9 and PW irons and a speciality wedge design to help you improve your score.



Speed Channel Face
An engineered trench behind the face area helps to minimize face thickness, and increase flex at impact to deliver increased distance through faster ball speeds even on mis-hits.

Hollow Cavity Design
Long and mid-irons (4–8) feature a dual cavity design with a hollow lower half section that delivers a lower and deeper Center of Gravity meaning you get easy launch with extreme forgiveness in every shot.

Perimeter Undercut
The scoring irons (9 - SW) feature a deep Perimeter Undercut where weight has been removed from the back of the entire face area to create a large unsupported face, meaning you benefit from forgiveness and accuracy in every shot.



Model Loft Lie Length
Offset (mm) Swing
Weight (Graphite)
Weight (Steel)
Stock Flex
Stock Flex
4 Iron 22.0° 61.0° 39.50" 39.25" 6.3 C9 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
5 Iron 25.0° 61.5° 38.75" 38.50" 5.9 C9 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
6 Iron 28.0° 62.0° 38.00" 37.75" 5.4 C9 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
7 Iron 31.5° 62.5° 37.50" 37.25" 4.7 C9 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
8 Iron 35.5° 63.0° 37.00" 36.75" 3.9 C9 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
9 Iron 40.0° 63.5° 36.50" 36.25" 3.4 C9 D0 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
PW 45.0° 64.0° 36.25" 36.00" 2.8 D0 D1 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
GW 50.0° 64.0° 36.00" 35.75" 1.0 D0 D1 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH
SW 55.0° 64.0° 35.75" 35.50" 0.8 D0 D1 S, R, Lite S, R RH/LH

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